Turkey is no more an unknown destination, but there are still a lot of undiscovered aspects in Her promotion.  Marketing Turkey is far beyond marketing the "Fairy Tale" image of Harems and Belly Dance. To fullfill a great range of both corporate & individual points of interest, TURKEY offers :

  • A cross cultural country between two continents
  • Greek - Roman ancient sites of great value
  • Biblical sites - Jewish synagogues
  • The mighty & exotic Ottoman Empire monuments
  • The mysterious and understanding face of Islam
  • 7 major geographical regions ; each with individual character, scenery, climate and flora
  • Warm hearted people
  • Culinary advanture gastronomes' paradise
  • Untouched, isolated country side and surprising metropols both melted in one pot
  • Internationally recognised top quality hotels
  • Hi-tech communication facilities
  • Shopping of souvenirs which reflect the refined cultural background
  • Hobbyists' treasure island ; golfing, surfing, rafting, yachting, mountaining, bird watching, hunting...

Let us make Your trip worthy of the destination, TURKEY !

Turkey has an area of 779.452 sq.km., 97 % of which is in Asia and 3 % in Europe. The land boundaries are 2.753 km. long and the shores 8.333 km. in total. The Asian portion of Turkey has been called Anatolia and the European side Thrace. Two are separated from each other by the Çanakkale (Dardennelles) and the Bosphorus Straits in Istanbul . Turkey's neighbors include Bulgaria, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Armenian Republic. Anatolia is a big plateau which rises in elevation as one goes towards the east and from which 15 rivers flow including the Dicle (Tigris) and Firat (Euphrates) . There are innumerable lakes in Anatolia which is like a peninsula surrounded on the north by the Black Sea, on the west by the Aegean and on the south by the Mediterranean. The Pontic chain in the north and the Taurus in the south are steep mountain ranges running parallel to the sea.

It is always possible to live in one of four seasons in Turkey because of its seven separate climatic zones . While the weather in Central Anatolia is very hot and dry in summer but dark and intensely cold in winter with heavy snow towards Eastern Anatolia ; it is very hot and humid in summer and warm with moderate rainfall in winter in the Mediterranean and Aegean areas , though summers are not as excessively hot in the Aegean as in the Mediterranean . Swimming is possible from May to October in these areas. The climate in the Marmara Region which includes the Thrace, is temperate with hot summers and damp, cold and gloomy winters. Swimming in the Marmara is possible from June to September as in the Black Sea Region which has a temperate climate with high rainfall all year round.

Half of Turkey's approx. 65 million population live in the rural areas. Istanbul's population, which is the largest; has about 12 million people . The capital Ankara has 4 million , Izmir 4 million, Adana 2,5 million and Bursa 1,5 million. Turkish, which is written in the Latin alphabet, is spoken by 150 million people in the world. 99% of the population is Muslim. The minorities are as free as Muslims in the terms of language and religious instruction.

The history of mankind in Anatolia began one million years ago. From 30 B.C. , the Romans were in control. In 395 A.D. , the Byzantine Empire was established .The Turks came to Anatolia at the end of the 11th. century. Following Seldjuk period and the Principality Era , the Ottoman Empire came to power. After the Ottomans lost World War 1, the first Turkish Grand National Assembly met on April 23, 1920, under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal. He was chosen as the first President, and Ankara became the capital. Turkey is a national, democratic and secular state which rose on the principle of human rights and relies on the principles of law and social justice. Turkey is member of NATO , OECD and Council of Europe and Islamic Development Bank.